“The day she leaves this earth is her second death. The first comes the day she can no longer dance, at least, not as she knows it.”

Martha Graham


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Chelly Bernardi will not rest in peace. Unable to come to terms with her tragedy, she searches for a new meaning in life and is drawn into a plot to destroy a family that she comes to love as her own.

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  •             “Two Wolves Dancing” by Francine Paino is thriller/suspense/ghost story and one of the most original and well-crafted novels I’ve read in a long time! I was completely drawn in from the get-go in the different characters’ worlds and watched as they slowly became entwined and deeper mysteries were revealed. Absolutely loved Paino’s ‘voice’ and thought the character development to be really well done… there are a lot of different POV’s here so we get a well-rounded perspective, and loved how it was a blend of so many elements, paranormal, past, present, mystical, mystery, thriller, suspense…. You name it! This level of complexity could have ended up badly but instead I darn near gobbled the whole thing down in two nights! The writing is simply lovely, with literary prose that has powerful, evocative word choices that truly bring this memorable story to life. A fast read with a shocking twist at the end. Highly recommend! (5 stars) Laura Clarke—Goodreads; Shelfari; Indie Book Reviewer
  •      “Two Wolves Dancing” was great! Although I thought the beginning was kind of slow, and it seemed to take a while for me to reach that magical spot where I just *had* to keep reading, once I was there I was totally hooked. There is some ‘setting up the stage’ of action on the beginning, and at first it is a bit confusing when we go to the past, but then it all starts to make sense and we are caught up with the bizarre, surreal blend of the past and the present. The characters are good, and there are some surprising turn of events I didn’t see coming. It is a quick read, one I finished in the course of an evening. I was genuinely surprised at a few things that happened, and thought the tension and narrative was great. I wasn’t really sure how I felt about the ending though…. I won’t say anything spoliery, but it left me wondering if that was it or will there be more? Regardless, I really enjoyed it and I will be looking forward to reading more books from Francine Paino soon. Recommend reading for fans of thriller/ghost stories with a darker twist. (4 stars) Gillian Hancock— Goodreads; Shelfari; Indie Book Reviewers


  •      “Warning – when starting “Two Wolves Dancing” make sure you don’t have anywhere you need to be or anything you need to do because you won’t want to stop reading until you’ve finished it all!! Trust me on this! The book starts off with an enticing beginning and just keeps going. The characters of Chelly, Paul, Alina, (and the others) were genuine and believable, and I think what I liked the most about this book was just the overall feel the author managed to create where it felt intimate, like we are really there in their heads as this story unfolds, feeling the things they are feeling and seeing. Loved the unpredictableness, and the fact that this wasn’t just a cliché ghost story—far from it. This went much deeper than that, and I was truly impressed with the author’s creative and literary skills. Although it’s a fairly mild book in terms of content and language, it is probably most suitable for adults. Recommend. (4-5 stars) Essie Harmon— Goodreads; Shelfari; Indie Book Reviewers


  •      “First, I have to say that I don’t normally read books that are “Ghost Stories”, as I generally find them to be too derivative and cheesy. But I knew from the opening pages of “Two Wolves Dancing” by Francine Paino that it would be different from the norm and I was right! I loved that poem in the beginning and it sets the mood perfectly. I liked the characters (even the bad ones) and liked the relationship between them. The dialogue felt natural and authentic and moved the plot forward nicely. This has the elements of a ‘ghost’ story, but it is also a romance, a tragedy, a mystery, and a paranormal. Very, very cool, and the writing is stellar. That ending is a killer too! Wish there was more to come, but I think that we are supposed to be left that way – it is more of an impact. Recommend for older teens and adults.(5 stars) Karen Matthews— Goodreads; Shelfari; Indie Book Reviewers


Two Wolves Dancing, Amazon e-book $2.99; Amazon print $10.99

     Death makes many dances in Two Wolves Dancing, a ghost story that blurs the lines between mystery, suspense and thriller. It is a chilling tale of past events haunting the present, resulting in a classic battle of good and evil. In one tragic, airborne moment Chelly Bernardi loses the life she loves and the baby she is carrying.  After the death of her career, she grieves; her life is plagued by doubts, fears and questions of identity. Chelly relocates in search of peace and new purpose. Pushed in directions she doesn’t understand by the spirit of a Cherokee Indian, she finds herself drawn into murder, kidnapping and revenge. Chelly must summon her courage and experience with another murder and another ghost to help save a child’s life and a family she comes to love as her own.  

About the author: Ms. Paino, now a resident of Austin Texas, has been involved in the world of dance for over 20 years, working with several Long Island dance companies and schools. In the business of dance, she has assisted many dance notables including Ali Pourfarrokh and the late Kaleria Fedicheva. With an M.A. in History from the American Military University, Ms. Paino combines two of her passions, ballet and American Civil War history in this tale of revenge, murder and a search for the legendary Confederate gold. Other writing credits include a 2011 Purple Dragonfly Book Award for her first novel: To Live and Die for Dance, which also received Honorary Mention in the Hollywood Book Festival and Millennium Book Contest. Her 1997 short story, Ivan’s Double Life, won first place in California’s Foster City Writers’ Contest. Her short stories may be found in the February 2015 issue of Funny Times, and the December 2015 issue of Over My Dead Body, an online mystery magazine. REVIEW COPIES AND INTERVIEWS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST